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Corporate Communication Training

Journalists – whether they are local paper reporters or national TV correspondents – can effectively close you down with a negative story.

However, basic principles which establish excellent media relations and encourage positive coverage are available to companies of any size.

As you would expect, all of our media trainers are highly experienced news reporters from the fields of television, radio and newspapers, and they’ve all been at the sharp end in their dealings with local and national businesses.

Our bespoke media training courses will identify the common mistakes made when dealing with the press, which can often have disastrous consequences.

The subjects covered in a typical one day course may include:

  • Interviews: Interview types, preparation and things to avoid.
  • Media & presentation skills: Learning to establish key message(s), presentation skills and gaining and maintaining control.
  • Practical exercises: Newspaper, telephone, live and pre-recorded radio and television interviews and presenting to an audience (public speaking).
  • Writing press releases.
  • Maintaining long-term relationships with local and regional correspondents.

Our media training team will give your staff the benefit of their combined experience, outlining a few horror stories where careless remarks or misguided actions led to highly damaging stories. They will also reveal just what reporters are looking for, when they pick up the telephone and dial your number.

An important part of our media training course is teaching the executive how to take control of a situation when they are approached by a journalist, and how to avoid being seen in a bad light.

For those occasions when something disastrous has already happened, such as a major incident or a round of redundancies; we can also advise on crisis management, how to exercise damage limitations, and even how to turn desperate situations around, where possible.

If you care how your company is seen in the media, you need to find out more…before it’s too late.

ICT Training

– Graphic / Multimedia
– Web Design (CSS, DHTML)
– 2D & 3D Animation
– Blog, CMS and Website Development Course
– Cyber Safety

Creative Media Training

– Script Writing
– Video Editing
– Audio Editing
– Special Effect